Randy Brown was raised in Cleveland, Ohio and was saved at 8 years old.  He began his formal piano training the same month and continued classical training for the following 14 years.  Randy graduated from William Tyndale Bible College in 1987 with a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance and Composition. He traveled with the Christian band “Servant” of Myrrh records for three years and then went on to serve as Minister of Music at Brighton Wesleyan Church, Brighton Michigan.  The next few years provided the opportunity for full-time concert ministry focusing primarily in the tri-state area.  Randy received his pastoral ordination in 1997 from The Evangelical Church Alliance; Bradley, Illinois.  He served as both Associate Pastor and Worship Leader at Shepherd Fellowship Church; Waterford, Michigan from 1996-2003. Randy enjoys writing original songs and arranging traditional hymns.

Marli Brown grew up in Brighton, Michigan as a preacher’s kid!  She gave her life to the Lord at 5 years old and began singing in church about the same time.  She enjoyed singing throughout high school and college in various groups and developed a heart for reaching people through music.  Marli graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from William Tyndale Bible College where she met Randy in 1986…and fell madly in love at first glance.


Randy and Marli married in May of 1988 and have two children; daughter Kennedie, (22) who just graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and son, Kadison, (20) who is a Sophomore at North Point Bible College in Grand Rapids.  The Brown's lived in a motor home for eight years.  In the Spring of 2013 they bought a house in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area that serves as a ministry home and office.

Randy and Marli Brown desire to challenge the children of God to pursue intimate worship corporately and privately.  Because of their exposure to various denominations and churches of all sizes, they have become passionate about helping Christians realize their capacity for growth regarding personal worship.  Over the years of interacting with numerous church bodies, Randy and Marli have noticed a common thread…the desire to connect with God on an intimate level.


Because the Lord created us with the need to worship Him, contentment can only be found by doing just that.  As thankfulness is the key to the temple gates, praise is necessary to enter His courts. (Psalm 100:4)  Randy and Marli enjoy a ministry of providing congregations with a worship experience filled with gratefulness, adoration and awesome wonder for the Lord. 

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Patsy Clairmont
- Women of Faith
- Focus On The Family
Patsy Clairmont
- Women of Faith
- Focus On The Family

Hold on to your hearts ... this devoted duo will delight you with their musical giftedness and bless you with their devotion to the family.  Randy and Marli make my feet dance and my spirit sing!

Josh McDowell
- Author & Speaker

We have had the privilege to work with Randy Brown and have been very impressed with not only the talent and quality of his music, but how his heart to serve God and others radiates through his music. 

Any Organization that calls on Randy and his wife, Marli, to minister to them will find a truly uplifting and God-centered time

of ministry and quality music.

Johnny Hall
- National Recording Artist

I've had the privilege of working with Randy and Marli Brown.  Besides their obvious talents, I'm convinced of their commitment to Jesus Christ and their desire to serve people.  I highly recommend this wonderful couple.

If you haven't heard the keyboard artistry of Randy Brown, you should.  It's a privilege to recommend such fine musicians as Randy and Marli.  Their total lifestyle is Christ-honoring with a ministry that is lasting.

Chuck Ohman
- National Recording Artist
- Jack Van Impe Ministries
Jonny Hawkins
- National Cartoonist

Having known Marli and Randy for a good many years, I can truly say that they have been good many years!  Their musical talents have riveted my soul, tuned my aching heartstrings, and, dare I say it, left this cartoonist in suspended animation wanting more.  As an unknown author once eloquently stated with passion... They's good people.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is a typical Randy & Marli Concert?


While Randy & Marli are flexible, they prefer 60 to 75 minutes in order to include all ministry aspects for a concert. A minimum of 45 minutes is needed.


What is Randy & Marli's concert fee?


Randy and Marli simply ask for a love-offering. Regarding special events, (marriage seminars, women's events, etc.) a donation or honorarium is agreed upon in advance. On occasions, depending on distance, mileage reimbursement for travel expenses is requested at 50 cents per mile. Housing may also be needed.


Where is Randy & Marli's home?


For eight years, Randy & Marli's ONLY home was a motorhome. In the Spring of 2013, they bought a house in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which serves as a restful home as well as a practical office and recording studio.


Where did Randy & Marli meet?


They met in the Fall of 1986 at William Tyndale College in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Marli was a freshman while Randy was a senior. They married in May of 1988. Their alma mater has since closed, but their marriage continues!


Do Randy & Marli have children?


Although doctors said they would never come..."they came, just the same." Their daughter Kennedie Morgan (born in 1996) and son, Kadison Christian ("KC" born in 1999) have both been home schooled from the start. KC is a Freshman at North Point Bible College in Grand Rapids. Kennedie is a Senior at Moody Bible Institute at the Chicago campus.


What states do Randy & Marli travel to?


 Randy & Marli travel to all parts of the US and occasionally internationally. They have been in 46 states... and counting.


How can I support Randy & Marli Ministries financially?


You can donate by clicking the "donate" button in the website menu. You can give a one-time gift or sign up for automatic monthly giving over a time span of your choosing. If you prefer, checks can be made out to R&M Ministries and sent to our ministry post office box. All gifts are tax deductible. 

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           Caledonia, MI 49316


How often are Randy & Marli on tour?


 Randy & Marli try to book all 52 Sunday's somewhere in the US. Even though they bought a house, they tour continuously. They usually do 3 or 4 four-week tours to various areas of the country every year.


How can I find out when Randy & Marli will be in my area?


 Follow Randy & Marli on their website calendar. All up-coming dates are posted there. Facebook is also a good way of finding out where they are.


Do Randy & Marli still own an RV?


Yes. Because of the age and high miles, they had to sell their original RV. Since then, they have been subject to staying with people and sleeping in hotels. In January 2018 they purchased a 35-foot camper trailer to better accommodate tours far from home base.


Do Randy & Marli own their own sound system?


 Yes. They prefer to bring their own sound system and piano keyboard so that the quality sound is consistent from week to week.


What church denominations do Randy & Marli go to?


 Mainly evangelical denominations although they are willing to minister through any door that God opens.


Do Randy & Marli have any ministry credentials?


 Both Randy & Marli are ordained through the ECA - Evangelical Church Alliance in Bradley, Illinois. Randy serves on the board of directors for the ECA as well.