Marli is a gifted speaker, author and musician

with a unique style of communication. 

A dynamic story teller, she uses everyday situations to describe the love, mercy and grace of God. Her foremost passion is to communicate God's eternal desire for an intimate relationship with His children.



Using humor, with a deep understanding of God's Word, Marli will inspire the ladies of your church to follow Jesus with radical obedience.

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Ridin' Shotgun Reviews:


I thoroughly enjoyed this book over the weekend. It's by Marli Brown (speaker and worship ministry). I wanted to hold off and read it on vacation but once I started it I couldn't put it down. ❤ She shares stories from traveling with her family in an RV around the country for 8 yrs as they ministered to the local church. If you love a good God story, pick up this book today. I was inspired to risk more and trust God more as He leads me.    - Tami


I've known Marli and Randy Brown for more than half my life. I remember when both of their kids were born, and I've attended their concerts too many times to count. I've always known them to be all-out servants of our Lord, and have witnessed (and experienced) the incredible work that God does in people's lives through their ministry. None of that prepared me, however, for the amazing stories that Marli tells in her book. Some of them humorous, some sad, some touching; but all evidence that God has specifically chosen to use this family in a remarkable way.


This book is well-written and easy to read; Marli's writing style is very conversational. But the best part of the whole book are the stories of experiences that they shared while living in an RV for 8 years and traveling the country ministering to others; experiences that can only be explained as acts of an amazing God! I found this book to be incredibly uplifting, and it encouraged me to examine my own faith along the way. I highly recommend it!    - Brennan

Possible Events:


Women's Retreats 

Mother's Day Banquets 

Christmas Tea’s 

Mother/ Daughter Events

Seminar Topics Include:

Taste and See (Psalm 34:8) 

Security In Troubled Times 

The Measure Of A Family 

Becoming a Reflection Of God (4 Lies of Satan) 

Picture Perfect - Made In His Image

What Do You Want From Him? (Matt 15:21-28) 

Reason For Every Season 

Knowing God's Voice 

Be All That You Can Be In Christ

Soaking In The Spirit (4 Elements of a Good Bath!)

These topics are only suggestions. 

Marli is willing to speak directly to your theme. 

Budget Consideration:

Duration                        Details                                                                                  Suggested Donation 


15-45 Minutes              Without Sound System or Music                                              $400 

15-45 Minutes              With Sound System & Music                                                     $550

1-Day Seminar             With or Without Sound System, 1-4 hours                             $650

2-Day Seminar             Without Sound System or Music, 2-4 Sessions                     $750

2-Day Seminar             With Sound System & Music, 2-4 Sessions                            $1000

3-Day Seminar             Involving a Sunday Morning                                                     $1500

* Travel and Hotel may be needed.